Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Emotional Processing through conscience use of the body's water cycle.

Through Dr. Emoto's work with high speed photography of water crystals being formed after exposure to different thought patterns, we have learned that water has the property of carrying vibrational patterns  created with the mind, and empowered by the heart.

Using this relatively new news, it follows that it is possible to partner with the water in your body as a receiver of instructions in the form of thoughts and intention. One of the natural processes of clearing emotional energy is through the waters of the body- blood, sweat, and tears, as well as urine, moisture in the breath, cellular fluids, lymph, cerebral-spinal fluids, snot, etc.  Each of these fluid systems can be empowered to gather any emotional debris present, and attach it to the water as it leaves the body.

The simplest and cleanest way I have access to so far is sending gratitude to the water and thanking it for doing it's job uninhibited. Gratitude for storing the baggage, and bidding farewell as it all rides on out as the water leaves- generate tears that cleanse a particular type of residue you are wanting to clear.

This is a natural process that has been going on all the while, and clearing the blocks to the acceptance of this portion of our human experience will allow for also a whole new level of awareness of many other natural energy processing systems and how to place yourself within it at a level of your choosing.