Thursday, August 15, 2013

End of Time

When we continuously reside in the present moment, time as a relational reality ceases to exist. It becomes a cumbersome distraction, occupying space and consuming energy.

All of the talk around the end of time had me thinking that it was somehow the end of life.  I can now see how time ends, not as a stopping point, but rather that the limitations imposed by the agreement to allocate my energy elsewhere from where I am at each and every present moment are dissolved.  Time just becomes irrelevant as all my energy is located in each and every present moment. It's all just now. 

Keys to making the transition:

Accurate use of verb tense.  
Verb tense marks time, and language - in thought and spoken word - generates the agreement to hold energy in a location - past, present, or future. Each complete thought (sentence) has a verb. And the tense of this verb places energy somewhere in the time structure. The amount of energy is somehow related to the intensity of the emotional charge associated with the sentence. d

Listen when you speak to where each sentence is placed, and wether or not it is correct with your intention. Take a look at what is being said and where the energy is placed.

Returning lost or forgotten attachments.
untangle the web of time. 
release the emotional charge on the memory or fear.