Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweet Anger Blessing

Oh my darling sweet little Anger,

Thank you for coming to give me the strength to change the wrong I have created in my world.

Thank you for bringing to my attention that I have judged something as "Wrong" and bringing 
with you
the Energy to create the change necessary to correct my peaceful alignment in the world I have 
created for my self.

You have given me so much-  So many opportunities to expand the space that I live. 

The way that you have guided me to a peaceful path, 
and the steady feedback of what I have been placing my attention on has been so very helpful.

You have helped me see that you, Anger,
 are a helper friend of mine
 and that we can work as a team to bring back together again
 the separation I caused by my own judgement. 
and that I can either change the world with you
 or I can change myself. 

I now know that you supply exactly the correct amount of energy required for the task at hand
 and I trust that when I listen to my heart, 
and give over to the constructive flow of your firey heat, 
change happens fast, far, and wide. 

I give you honor and respect, dear friend. 

I now know that you show up when I need you,
and for that knowing I am eternally grateful.

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