Monday, June 17, 2013


If sound as healing is frequency + intention, and it has the ability to make, break and rearrange molecular bonds as reported in the New York Times back in the 1980's, Then what is the effect of having an ultrasound looking for problems?


Love you.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Muscle tone

Another way to look at vibrational wellness restoration is through muscle tone. If tone is not measuring vibration, what is it a measure of?

By adjusting the tone or vibration of the muscle, balance is restored to the system,for all.

Many more to come.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Being given light vision. Woo-hoo!

Over the weekend, through working with a few very special individuals, I have received a new modality.

My ability to visually see energy has been becoming steadily stronger over the last few months. During a phone session on Saturday evening, I saw and facilitated the beautiful change in structure of "energetic cords" between two people, and how wonderful it feels to have one's energy returned in a state of perfect pure potentiality. I don't normally work with cord cutting, but was facilitating the completeness of my client's process. And in addition to my known ways of working with energy, I was gifted the vision of the process in a brand new way.

By dispersing the energy (contained in the cords themselves), then reorganizing it in a way that purifies and returns the energy to it's pure potentiality state (that I often see as a white-ish mist), and then returning this ultra-high pure vibration of unconditional love to it's source (through the people it came from), a new reality is created.

One of individual wholeness, and unrestricted flow.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, I was guided to facilitate a complete rewiring of my first client's energetic structures- one that de-emphasized the mind's ruling of the body, and laid the framework for heart energy to travel through this person's body (energy field). Even the highest vibrational thought is lower than the vibrational energy of the heart. So to move from mind-centered (or past based) to heart-
centered (or present) requires the capacity of the energetic body to be able to handle the higher vibrations- so they don't shatter like a wine glass from an opera singer's high note.

I had my regular sensations and methods to do this very deep energy work. It was intense work, and the integration of it took much of the day.

Now, what really got me excited, is that the next day, Sunday-yesterday, while I was working a "mini-session" with a client, a very similar structure-restructuring situation happened.

I was able to see the old, outdated, decrepit structures of domination, fear, protection etc. in a new way, and disperse them very much like the energetic cords, and then reorganize the energy in a more fluid (higher vibrational) structure that emitted light. It was such a beautiful process.

I could see the cleaning of the vessels as they were being built- like a glass tube going from heavy darkness to completely clear. Then the vibration of the energy moving through was raised to the point of pure potentiality. Very peaceful.

I have new ways of purifying both the vessel and the light.

I was also given the awareness of steps or pieces- smaller chunks of complete work. And now able to work in layers, one step at a time, if necessary. It's fun. And so beautiful.